Energy & Utility

The politically initiated energy transition has presented electricity suppliers with serious challenges.

The energy and utility in­dus­try from our per­spec­tive

Energy & Utility

The challenges for energy suppliers and utilities are manifold. The energy industry is characterized by increasing competition and customer demands, regulatory requirements, and digitization. Planning security is also decreasing due to government regulations. New forms of competition are emerging due to a redefinition of markets, liberalization and the energy transition. We support you as an energy company in the development of sustainable strategies and the innovative further development of your business model.

We see challenges for companies in the energy sector in Germany particularly in the following topics:

Shifting value creation

The value creation of companies in the energy industry is increasingly shifting away from pure generation toward the provision of services and digital, networked solutions. In particular, the opportunities for decentralized power generation and digital networking are creating the basis for new, profitable business models. Companies in the energy industry must therefore redefine their markets and target groups. There is also a need to drive innovation and reorganize your value chain.

Changing customer requirements

With a simultaneous decline in willingness to pay, customers are demanding energy supply concepts that are as environmentally compatible as possible. Furthermore, price sensitivity continues to increase, making electricity customers more willing to switch suppliers. This results in a high need for investment, which increases the capital requirements of the energy sector. In addition, digitization is changing the way consumers can and want to be served. Consumers have a greater demand for service and are increasingly turning to energy suppliers with digital offerings, such as smart home solutions.

Liberalizing and politicizing the industry

Liberalization and the energy transition are creating a new market design and competitive environment. The increasing politicization of power supply is bringing the industry more into the public eye. The critical examination of large-scale projects gives rise to social risks in addition to purely economic ones. Liberalization approaches with simultaneous demands for environmental compatibility create a complex and volatile environment for companies in the energy and utility industry. In areas such as grid expansion or the use of storage facilities, this also reduces planning certainty.

Making the energy industry a pioneer for electromobility

The growing demand for electromobility is creating new customer segments and business areas for companies in the energy sector. These include the provision and maintenance of charging infrastructure in the private and public sectors, as well as the possibility of offering new services. This creates new earnings potential as well as challenges for energy supply companies, which must be overcome. Due to the increased demand for electricity and increased peak loads, the power grids must be expanded to be more efficient.

Ser­vice of­fe­ring

Our approach

ADVYCE supports and accompanies the energy and utility industry in particular with the following consulting services:

Developing your business model competitively

Together with you, we identify attractive and innovative business models to find answers to the current trends in the energy industry. In doing so, we not only support you in concept development, but also stand by you as a transformation partner. We support you in innovating your service offering in order to clearly differentiate yourself from new and established competitors in the energy industry. In addition, we support you in creating new forms of value creation along existing and new stages of the value chain.

Developing dynamic and future-proof strategies

Together with you, we develop dynamic and future-proof strategies that create the basis for agile business models. With us, you master the disruptive challenges of the energy industry. In doing so, we find solutions to exploit growth potential, prevent strategic risks and proactively address change. In doing so, we also look beyond national borders. We help you to develop the right investment strategy and to increase the efficiency of processes without losing sight of the regulatory environment.

Designing digital business models

We support you in the development of digital business models, the strategic alignment of necessary IT infrastructure and the formation of new collaborations. With our data analytics methods, we help you identify, forecast and exploit relevant trends. Together with you, we develop new digital offerings and services to meaningfully expand your value proposition. Our digital methods and technologies pave the way for your transformation along the value chain in the energy industry.

Setting up your organization for the future

The future-proof alignment and management of your organization is one of the most important, but at the same time most challenging management tasks today. We support you in aligning your corporate structures with your strategy in order to implement it successfully. Based on modern transformation approaches, we align your processes excellently to the needs of your customers. In addition, we support you with successful change management and in the development of new management tools. We design your transformation process with classic as well as agile project management methods.


Frank Hegenbart


Frank has over 20 years of experience in the areas of purchasing, production, supply chain and strategic product cost and innovation management. He supports growth topics as well as restructuring issues and programs to increase the operational performance of industrial companies. He also works on strategic growth areas in the fields of renewable energies, mobility

Burkhard Wagner

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Burkhard Wagner has more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting and in the use of information technology and digital media. His focus is on business strategies, marketing and sales as well as the digitalization of processes and industries. He advises financial service providers, professional services and technology companies. In recent years, he has

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