Retail & Logistics

Both retail and logistics are facing serious developments.

The retail and logistic in­dus­try from our per­spec­tive

Retail & Logistics

The structure of the retail landscape is in a constant state of flux. E-commerce and omni-channel offerings are becoming increasingly important in order to meet changing customer requirements. This requires adjustments to the business model, IT infrastructure and logistics. We particularly support you in innovating your business models as well as in increasing your operational excellence. We develop disruptive strategies, efficient data models and optimized supply chain management.

Establishing an integrated omni-channel offering

The increasing market power of retail chains and e-commerce offerings are permanently changing the structure of the retail landscape. Declines in sales areas and the number of stationary stores can be observed. Adaptability to the volatile competitive and market environment is fundamental to business success. The development of an omni-channel offering offers the opportunity to combine stationary and digital business. Customers are thus given the opportunity to freely choose their preferred shopping channel. This requires successful technical and organizational integration of the channels.

Designing innovative business models

The digitization of retail will be at the center of the development of new business models in the coming years. This applies to both stationary retail and e-commerce. New business models and innovative and disruptive technologies have also had a major impact on the retail world. New concepts focus on serving each customer individually at every touch point and thus generating sustainable sales. One possible approach is virtual and augmented reality concepts as well as modernized supply chains.

Continuing development of the IT infrastructure

Digitization in retail is advancing at high speed and changing the structures and processes of the sector. Every area of a retail organization is affected by the use of technology. Close dovetailing of IT with all specialist areas is necessary today. Innovation is an important growth driver and the use of new technologies can make a decisive contribution to the success of a retail company. It is important to check whether an innovation is suitable for the company’s own target group and whether it is technically mature. Topics such as predictive analytics and big data are coming into focus.

Adapting retail logistics

Retail companies are increasingly confronted with rising cost pressure in logistics. This results from constantly increasing demands on the performance of supply chains and the integration of new technologies. Furthermore, the trend is toward closer integration of the companies involved in the value chain. The main drivers of this development include the optimization of time window control for goods deliveries, automation of warehouse logistics, variety of packaging, automation of forecasting and same-day delivery.

Service offering

Our approach

ADVYCE sup­ports and ac­com­pa­nies the retail and logistic industry in par­ti­cu­lar with the fol­lo­wing con­sul­ting ser­vices:

Increasing operational excellence through disruptive business strategies

We work with you to develop individual solutions for integrating e-commerce into your existing business model across channels and product ranges. This is done with the help of customer insights, in-depth market research and our best practice experience. We support you in developing a future-proof technological platform strategy based on the omni-channel concept. In doing so, we use digital technologies and intelligent data analysis to lay the foundation for a needs-based value chain.

Developing Innovative Business Models Based on Big Data Analytics

We advise you on the development of individual, beneficial data strategies to combine your own data with external data. From this, new services are derived or existing services are adapted to changing customer needs. This helps to secure revenues and leads to cost reductions in the supply chain. We use models to forecast your customer journey and determine the customer lifetime value based on this. With the help of various scenarios, we adapt your value proposition in a forward-looking manner. We also support you in the development of suitable and individual data governance models.

Transforming your company into an efficient data processor

We support you in your transformation to an efficient data processor. Since this cannot be reduced to technological aspects alone, we also include your corporate culture as well as process-related and legal issues. We support you in overcoming silo thinking and bringing together the data required for Big Data Analytics. With a practical transformation approach, we support your board, executives and employees on their way to becoming a data-driven company.

Optimizing supply chain management

To meet erratic customer demands, the supply chain, as the heart of a company, must function smoothly. We advise you on the development of an optimized supply chain strategy. Here, our holistic view of the latest technologies enables us to efficiently design your fully digitalized supply chain. With our insights into trends, levers and best practices in the retail landscape, we bring you noticeably forward.


Stefan Hecht


Stefan Hecht has more than 25 years of management experience in the industry as well as in consulting enterprises in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry and technology-intensive companies form his industry emphasis. His consulting focuses on strategic orientation and corporate transformation, technology- and innovation management as well as organizational-/process design

Frank Hegenbart


Frank has over 20 years of experience in the areas of purchasing, production, supply chain and strategic product cost and innovation management. He supports growth topics as well as restructuring issues and programs to increase the operational performance of industrial companies. He also works on strategic growth areas in the fields of renewable energies, mobility

Roland Mönikes

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Roland Mönikes draws on more than 15 years of professional experience in various roles as in-house counsel, managing director, project manager and consultant. His focus is on the holistic transformation of organizations in the area of organizational, process and decision-making structures. Roland Mönikes sees himself as an implementation consultant who supports the strategic orientation of

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