Science & Research Institutions

Advyce has extensive expertise in working with research institutions both regionally and internationally.

Science and research institutions from our per­spec­tive

Science & Research Institutions

Science is a drive that never stands still. Thus, the German science and research landscape is also in continuous motion. Today’s challenges are of central importance for research institutions if they want to keep up with international competition. This also affects their financing, which is increasingly shaped by third-party funding and internationally available grants. We support you in setting up your organization for the future with a suitable strategy and excellent management.

We see challenges for research and educational institutions in Germany especially in the following topics:

Maintaining a lead in knowledge and technology

Science and research institutions are caught between the need to maintain freedom of research and the pressure to produce application-oriented findings in addition to successful basic research. These have the goal of ensuring the future viability of our society. As a country with few natural resources, Germany is particularly dependent on maintaining a lead in knowledge and technology in the future.

Supporting research activities with efficient administration

A research-strong and cost-efficient institution needs an administration that takes over secondary activities in addition to the actual core activities. This ensures a smooth research process. The administration should be flexible, lean and customer-oriented in order to support the research activities in the best possible way while ensuring compliance with regulations of public institutions.

Competing for the best talent

Both university and non-university research institutions are constantly competing with private-sector companies for the best talent in order to remain competitive in the future. To this end, the institutions must position themselves as attractive employers with appealing and contemporary career models. Processes for employee recruitment, development and retention must be put to the test and adapted.

Establish clear positions despite the constant emergence of new research topics

Research and science are in constant motion. Basic and applied research are gaining new insights at ever shorter intervals, which must be guided through translation. Therefore, research institutions are confronted with the challenge of integrating more and more new research topics into their portfolio without giving up their clear positioning.

Service offering

Our approach

ADVYCE sup­ports and ac­com­pa­nies science and research institutions in par­ti­cu­lar with the fol­lo­wing con­sul­ting ser­vices:

Developing dynamic and sustainable strategies

Together with you, we develop dynamic and sustainable research strategies. In doing so, we find solutions for establishing a clear research profile in the face of increasing research competition and widely networked research fields. In addition, we align your human resources strategy so that you are also successfully positioned in the international competition for the best talents.

Setting up an organization for the future

The future-proof alignment, management and empowerment of a complex science and research organization is one of the most important and challenging management tasks today. Based on modern transformation approaches, we efficiently align your structures and processes. In addition, we support you in successful change management and the development of new steering instruments. We design your transformation process with classic as well as agile project management methods. This enables us to work efficiently on complex issues in interdisciplinary teams.

Achieving and securing operational excellence

We help you to achieve and continuously expand operational excellence. We advise you on optimizing central processes and structures at the institute level as well as in the administrative area to make your organization adaptable. Together with you, we scrutinize the existing, initiate changes and design a proactive implementation path. In doing so, we also support you in the cultural and structural anchoring of interdepartmental cooperation.

Creating a digital organization

We help you with the digital transformation and also act here as a neutral ambassador in the potential area of tension between the IT department and other functional areas. To fully exploit the potential of Big Data along the entire data lifecycle, we use intelligent algorithms, suitable statistical procedures and the appropriate methods of data analysis. In order to make strategic use of your existing data, we combine it in such a way that dependencies and correlations are revealed.


Aurel von Bassewitz

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Aurel has more than 17 years of experience in supporting entrepreneurs and advising them at the interface of strategy formulation and organizational implementation. In doing so, he moves growth topics as well as restructuring issues. His most recent focus was on the organisation of innovation while at the same time increasing productivity. His clients include

Roland Mönikes

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Roland Mönikes draws on more than 15 years of professional experience in various roles as in-house counsel, managing director, project manager and consultant. His focus is on the holistic transformation of organizations in the area of organizational, process and decision-making structures. Roland Mönikes sees himself as an implementation consultant who supports the strategic orientation of

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