Operational Excellence

Nowadays, agile and lean management is no longer an approach to optimization, but a compelling necessity

Relevance & Impact

Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence is critical to continuously delighting customers with superior value propositions, exploiting potential, and holding their own in a dynamic competitive environment. Companies achieve operational excellence by continuously optimizing their processes and structures and adapting them to changing environmental conditions.

Due to its leverage effect, the generation of operational excellence in both direct and indirect business areas is a timeless core task of management. We view operational excellence as the result of a multiplicative formula. Therefore, none of the four factors may be zero, but improving one lever has a multiplicative effect on the overall result.

  • Excellent leadership: smart goals, orientation and motivation, thinking ahead and leading by example.
  • Excellent people: selection, development, motivation, support
  • Excellent Processes: Lean and focused on creating value for the customer
  • Excellent systems: Robust, reliable, intuitive, adaptable

Service offering

Our approach

ADVYCE sup­ports and ac­com­pa­nies clients in par­ti­cu­lar with the fol­lo­wing con­sul­ting ser­vices:

Increasing sales excellence

The success of a company is decided on the market. In operational terms, this is ultimately the task of sales. In order to increase your success, we always take a holistic perspective in our projects and link the alignment of sales with the corporate and business unit strategy.

Together with you, we design sales strategies, organizations and processes. In addition to the conceptual design, we also advise you on the implementation of the projects. Our consulting services do not end with the design of your sales organization, but also include the optimization of products and prices.

Enhancing product development

Products with superior value propositions are the crucial prerequisite for competitiveness and growth. In times of disruptive technological upheaval, this poses a particular challenge, especially for established manufacturers. Technology-intensive manufacturing companies must continuously and consistently develop their product portfolios in a market-oriented manner, efficiently and, above all, ever faster. We support our customers on three levels

  1. Strategy: Making R&D investments in the right fields, in time and target-oriented
  2. Organization: Clear, overlap-free and market-oriented in the optimal footprint
  3. Operational excellence: Professional project management, lean and agile processes and targeted resource management

Research and development project teams are becoming increasingly networked, both within their own organization and with suppliers, engineering service providers and, increasingly, customers. Digital tools and platforms have long been an integral part of many companies. This is inevitably accompanied by a broadening of the competence base of the people involved.

Improving procurement

Although purchasing is often responsible for one of the largest cost items, buyers often have limited options. Purchasers need a variety of competencies and must network with the business units that are essential for value creation. We help you to improve the required competencies of your purchasing department and to optimize the interdepartmental and cross-functional interaction.

Together with you, we find the right operating point in the cooperation with suppliers and form an effective combination of different competencies throughout the company. Our consulting approach focuses on the technical, commercial, communicative and psychological competencies of your purchasing department.

Promoting operations

In most companies, the term “operations” covers the entire area of operational service provision. It is therefore an environment with a high degree of differentiation, both in terms of the tasks and activities to be performed on a daily basis and in terms of the competencies and skills required to do so. All the more reason why a process landscape that is as clear and standardized as possible is an essential key to the high performance of operations functions. Our design approach is based on functional integration and interaction. This means:

  1. Clear and coherent standards in processes and methods from planning to execution.
  2. Continuous improvement with focus on effort, speed and quality
  3. Agility and adaptability of processes and structures
  4. Digitalization as an enabler in the dimensions of process management, analytics and prevention

Designing footprint & supply chain

For the future viability of a supply chain, both the right positioning of the current and future business and the choice of suitable suppliers and their locations are crucial. We support you in designing your supply chains for the future and help you to secure your competitiveness today and in the future.

In doing so, we pay attention to securing market access and market proximity as well as to exploiting labor cost and synergy advantages. On the one hand, it is important to choose locations that are attractive for employees. On the other hand, access to know-how and opportunities for cooperation with customers, suppliers and research institutes are essential.

Optimizing indirect areas

The expenses incurred by indirect areas are included in price calculations as sales overheads via overhead rates. Thus, the efficiency of indirect areas influences the competitiveness of your company. However, increasing the efficiency of indirect areas is often difficult, since measuring productivity and efficiency is often a challenge in itself. We advise you on the optimization of indirect areas.

We use our expertise and approaches from the lean and agile world. The goals are to modernize and increase the efficiency of your indirect areas. In this way, your indirect areas not only become highly efficient, but also optimal supporters of the customer-related value proposition and its fulfillment in day-to-day business.


Stefan Hecht


Stefan Hecht has more than 25 years of management experience in the industry as well as in consulting enterprises in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry and technology-intensive companies form his industry emphasis. His consulting focuses on strategic orientation and corporate transformation, technology- and innovation management as well as organizational-/process design

Frank Hegenbart


Frank has over 20 years of experience in the areas of purchasing, production, supply chain and strategic product cost and innovation management. He supports growth topics as well as restructuring issues and programs to increase the operational performance of industrial companies. He also works on strategic growth areas in the fields of renewable energies, mobility

Roland Mönikes

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Roland Mönikes draws on more than 15 years of professional experience in various roles as in-house counsel, managing director, project manager and consultant. His focus is on the holistic transformation of organizations in the area of organizational, process and decision-making structures. Roland Mönikes sees himself as an implementation consultant who supports the strategic orientation of

Dr. Steffen Schuckmann


Steffen has more than 15 years of experience in top management consulting. His clients include companies and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector as well as internationally oriented medium-sized businesses. His focus is on increasing the value and turnover of companies and improving the performance of operational business processes. He supports companies in their consistent orientation

Marc Staudenmayer

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Marc is a graduate of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC Paris). Before joining ADVYCE as Senior Partner, Marc worked for AT Kearney in Paris until 1994. In 1995 he founded the management consultancy Masai in Paris, which he developed into a global consulting company with 180 employees. From 2011 to 2014 he was

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