Dr. Burkhard Schwab

Senior Managing Data Strategist

3 questions for Dr. Burkhard Schwab

What motivates me jobwise?

Heretofore I have been working as a scientist. In science, you are basically self-motivated. Questions build themselves up and are then solved automatically. The first sentence of my first lecture was: “We don’t want to make physicists out of you, we make problem solvers out of you”. I have internalized this sentence. Professionally I am motivated by the identification of problems and their elegant but pragmatic solution. This includes creativity and knowledge and the ability to communicate them. Accordingly, I am motivated by the wide range of questions and the range of interesting problems arising from the daily experience of clients.

Why am I with ADVYCE?

I was interested in consulting because it is data-driven and problem-solving oriented. After a short contact with ADVYCE, I found the modern topic appealing, and the tasks offered to me (machine learning and artificial intelligence) fall within my expertise and inspire me immensely. After a short time at ADVYCE, I like the collegiality and the cordial way the team works as well as the interesting projects.

Who am I personal?

Personally, I always see myself as an all-rounder – I want to be able to do everything and learn everything. In my free time, I usually don’t sit still, but build my house in Switzerland, go hiking or do weight training. I read and learn a lot, make websites and program. My family and my partner are very important to me and I make sure that they don’t miss out either. And a little bit, despite leaving, I have also remained a scientist and try to stay up to date.

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