Dr. Michael Staudinger


3 questions for Dr. Michael Staudinger

What motivates me jobwise?

I am motivated by the changing challenges as a consultant, I want to get to the bottom of new tasks and genuinely understand them. Working together in a team allows me to develop personally and professionally. Furthermore, the most meaningful thing for me is to experience the direct added value consulting services for the client.


Why am I with ADVYCE?

I got to know ADVYCE as a highly professional strategy consulting company with interesting people, open communication and appreciative collegiality. Here, I can actively participate and contribute to the continuation of the successful growth course.

Who am I personal?

As a father of two sons, my family is the important home port after an intensive week of work. To balance out working on my mobile phone and laptop, I enjoy being a handyman at new construction sides. After work has been done, I enjoy the barbecue and try to keep my calorie balance balanced through sporting activities.

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