Fabian Dawin


3 questions for Fabian Dawin

What motivates me jobwise?

Professionally, I am attracted by situations, problems or challenges that require creativity, teamwork and diligence. Seeing our work lead to positive results for our customers fulfills me. Furthermore, it gives me pleasure when I can pass on experience and know-how to (younger) colleagues.

Why am I with ADVYCE?

ADVYCE is a strategy consultancy that stands out from the rest, especially due to its professionalism, breadth of topics and an extremely collegial team. This offers me the chance to learn, but also to contribute my experience. Due to the growth course we have embarked on, I can contribute to topics that will have a long-term and positive impact on the company and thus make my contribution to the achievement of the goals.

Who am I personal?

I was born in the Ruhr area, where I have spent most of my life. For a few years now, I’ve been living with my wife in the Rhineland – which, as a carnival enthusiast, is of course an advantage. In addition to family and friends, sports and music in particular have accompanied and shaped me in my life. In summer I like to ride my racing bike or go sailing, in winter I try to have two boards under my feet as often as possible. After it did not work out with the rock star career, I try myself now as a hobby cook! Let’s see what comes out of it…

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