Frank Hegenbart


Frank has over 20 years of experience in the areas of purchasing, production, supply chain and strategic product cost and innovation management.

He supports growth topics as well as restructuring issues and programs to increase the operational performance of industrial companies. He also works on strategic growth areas in the fields of renewable energies, mobility and sustainability.

His clients include large medium-sized industrial companies as well as internationally operating groups and private equity companies. In particular, the optimal design of the cooperation between entrepreneurial core functions as well as with customers and suppliers in the critical areas of industrial value chains are for him the neuralgic points that are essential for the future and competitive positioning of industrial companies.

Before Frank joined the ADVYCE team, he shaped the consulting spectrum of various top management consulting firms. As an industrially experienced engineer and internationally experienced consultant, he managed over 100 projects worldwide, in Europe and the Middle East as well as in North and South America and Asia.

Frank is married and has one daughter. Whenever possible, you can meet him on the golf course. In winter he loves to ski in the Alps or Rocky Mountains.

Frank Hegenbart personal

Innovation and progress arise from questioning the status quo. Every change or development is triggered by skepticism about the familiar.

We consultants are constantly searching for new answers to the very critical questions that move and change our society and economy. Personally, I am driven by this search for something new and better together with our clients every day.

4 questions for Frank Hegenbart

Which characteristic do friends like about you?

I think and hope it is my reliability. When I promise something, I keep it.

Your favourite thing to do after work?

In fact, that’s when I prefer to be with a good meal surrounded by my family and good friends.

Where do you gather your energy?

It’s very different. In the summer during a round of golf, in the fall in the South Tyrolean mountains, in the winter on the ski slopes and actually on every trip on which I encounter something new and inspiring.

Your motto of life?

Since my school days, I have admired Johann Wolfgang von Goethe because he was a multi-talent in so many fields, from science to politics to literature.

So my motto comes from him: “Only he earns freedom like life who must conquer it daily” (Faust II, Act 5).

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