Marc von Braun


Marc has more than 19 years of experiences in strategy and organizational consulting.

After 8 years in the energy and healthcare sectors, his consulting career led him into the industrials/ durables sectors, which has been the focus of his consulting activities ever since.

His functional core topics are strategy and organization in general. In particular, growth topics including sales strategies, market entry strategies and subjects related to new business development. Marc has proven his ability to implement concepts developed in closed cooperation with clients in a variety of successful implementation and transformation projects.

The orientation of companies based on a clear vision on the one hand and the consistent potential- and opportunities-oriented development of national and international markets on the other hand is a central component of his consulting mandates.

His clients are predominantly large medium-sized companies in the industrials/ durables sector, but also suppliers and service providers in the industry with whom Marc has a long-standing business relationship.

Before joining ADVYCE, Marc worked among other for Droege&Comp. and goetzpartners Management Consultants. He studies business administration in Regensburg with a focus on marketing, finance and international business management.

Marc is married and has three children. Since 2012, he has been working as a volunteer at the ambulatory Malteser children´s hospice.

Marc von Braun personal

My parents each come from an extended family. My wife and I both grew up with three siblings. We have been married since 1995 and have three daughters. I am a passionate family man; the whole big family gives me in inimitable manner incentive and security. Therefore, my leisure activities primarily include coaching my family at work, studies and school. Moreover, I enjoy driving with my old moped through the beautiful Würmtal without any special reason. Reading books, doing handicrafts at the house and yard, skiing and running. Preferably with the family, that makes life for me perfect.

4 questions for Marc von Braun

Which characteristic do friends like about you?

My friends appreciate my basically positive nature and value my empathy. The effect of my open words and advices positively surprise us again and again.

Your favourite thing to do after work?

Spending time with my family and friends is quality time for me. However, I appreciate being on my own, be it when exercising, while reading of doing handicrafts.

Where do you gather your energy?

Through the time I spend with my family and friends! Also, on the ski slope and on the running track.

Your motto of life?

Since my voluntary work at the children’s hospice my motto in life has been: “Whatever you do and can do: enjoy it and do it with passion and gratitude”.

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