Wilm de Haan

Senior Consultant

3 questions for Wilm de Haan

What motivates me jobwise?

It motivates me to tackle things and improve them sustainably. Here, a varied and creative environment is important to me – an environment, where you don´t always find the same solution to problems but need to think out-of-the box.

Why am I with ADVYCE?

For me, ADVYCE stands for strategic expertise and transformation experience. This competence results in feasible concepts that demand creativity and enable sustainable improvement with a certain hands-on-mentality.

Who am I personal?

In my spare time I like to spend time with friends, do sports or get involved in the community. As a football fan, I am often drawn to the stadium, even if the life of a Werder Bremen fan is not always easy. On holiday, I prefer to travel to countries I haven´t been to before, because I find it exciting to get to know new cultures

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